Definitive list of contact centre abbreviations and acronyms. We have collected over 70 of this for our customers and people who are interested.

Short Name Meaning
ACD Automatic Call Distributor
ACW After Call Work
AHT Average Handling Time
ANI Automatic Number Identification
API Application Program Interface
ASA Average Speed of Answer
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition
ATA Average Time of Abandonment
BC Business Continuity
BI Business Intelligence
BPO Business Process Outsourcing
CC Call Centre / Contact Centre
CDR Call Detail Recording
CED Caller Entered Digits
CEM Customer Experience Management
CES Customer Effort Score
CIS Customer Information System
CLI Calling Line Identity
CMS Call Management System
COB Continuity of Business
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
CX Customer Experience
CS Caller Satisfaction
CSAT Customer Satisfaction score
CSR Customer Service Representative
DDI Direct Dial-In (EU)
DID Direct Inward Dialling
DNIS Dialled Number Identification Service
DR Disaster Recovery
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
EWT Expected Wait Time
FCR First Call Resolution
FCRR First Call Resolution Rate
FTE Full Time Equivalent
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IXC Interexchange Carrier
KB Knowledge Base
KM Knowledge Management
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LAN Local Area Network
LOA Least Occupied Agent
LOB Line of business
MIA Most Idle Agent
MOS Mean Opinion Score
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
NSP Network Service Provider
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
QA Quality Assurance
QM Quality Monitoring
QoS Quality of Service
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RNA Ring No Answer
ROI Return on Investment
SaaS Software as a Service
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SL Service Level
SLA Service Level Agreement
TAPI Telephony Applications Programming Interface
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TFN Toll Free Number
TTS Text to Speech
UC Unified Communications
UCaaS Unified communications as a service
UCD Uniform Call Distributor
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol
VPN Virtual Private Network
VRU Voice Response Unit
WAN Wide Area Network
WFM Workforce Management
WFO Workforce Optimization