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Amazon Connect Reporting Suite

Advanced reporting suite for Amazon Connect

Customer experience is our focus, and we aim to maximise insight and productivity that your contact center will analyse with all the changes throughout the busiest calling times. The metrics illustrated will track the entire activity of your team. The reporting suite is customisable for different teams. This complements our Amazon Connect dashboard solution.


Automated Insights

The backend of your Amazon Connect environment is full of data, where our system can extract, examine and aggregate to your needs to highlight insights that make it easier to assist your team of supervisors and managers.

Customer service reports help the managers to make improvements and verify the different optimization actions, hence cutting costs and streamlining the process that supports the contact center department.

Our fully automated Amazon Connect reporting suite will gather and aggregate all the data you and your team needs. The system can send daily, weekly and monthly reports for all your supervisors and managers from different businesses and different agent shifts from different Amazon Connect instances.



You can run a report at the end of each day, that will highlight

  • Total number of agents online 
  • Agents that were online in order of duration from the time they logged-in 
  • The number of agents that had responded to a customer within a specified time
  • Agents that were idle, even though they were online 
  • The given time the agents who were idle as set in NPT (non productive state) 
  • Longest waiting times for customers as recognised by a caller ID

Supervisor Dashboard

You can use the reporting together with our dashboard solution, for more information please go to www.voxologic.com/dashboard

Key Benefits

Every business is unique. Our customized reports shows exactly what you need to be able to optimize and grow your business through your contact center.
With our solution it is possible to generate reports based on your line of business or structure of your whole contact center within an Amazon Connect environment across multiple instances.
Track the agent's performance and metrics through their daily, weekly or monthly workload with statistics showing their detailed times spent with each task.
The Voxologic Reporting for Amazon Connect provides the right insights for your supervisor and management teams with the ability to capture all aspects of the agent conversations that need to solve problems fast.
You can now measure the day to day operations, health and performance from an additional perspective. With the knowledge of these information you can make informed business decision regarding your workforce.
The solution can group reports based on different factors like agent groups, line of businesses, contact center site. It can share the reports to the relevant managers and supervisors based on the configured frequencies.

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