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Amazon Connect Post Agent Survey Solution

Automated Amazon Connect Post Agent Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys provide invaluable information about the quality and effectiveness of the service that customers received. Our auto CSAT survey solution kicks in automatically once the customer-agent conversation ends, providing an effective way to collect key feedback while the opinion is still fresh.


Survey Results

To gain insight into the customer’s call center experience, our Survey Dashboard Visualization will provide you with all the necessary and customized reports. These reports are generated directly from the Auto Survey results.


Fresh Opinions

Our survey kicks in automatically. This means that you can get immediate and accurate feedback from your customer before they can forget the experience.


The survey flow starts when your agent disconnects the call and ends the conversation. Your customer will be automatically directed to the CSAT flow.

Key Benefits

Employees who work in client-facing roles can benefit from the results of your surveys. New research shows that simply asking the customers about their opinion can increase profitability in the long run.
Instant Feedback for contact center performance and enhanced visibility on customer experience.
Supports Quality Assurance and provides direct feedback from the customer for the agent and contact center evaluation.
Detect trends in time and adjust training based on real customer feedback.

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