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Amazon Connect – Microsoft Teams Sync

Amazon Connect - Teams Sync

Two-Way Agent Status Synchronization

Our solution continuously monitors the Amazon Connect agent states and does a bi-directional status synchronization to and from Microsoft Teams.

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How does the two-way status sync solution work?

The Amazon Connect Microsoft Teams status and state synchronization service is part of our unique Notification suite of solutions. Our service is running on the agent's workstation and continously monitors the current status of the agent. When an there is an incoming call and the agent answers the call the Voxologic service immediately changes the user status in Microsoft Teams to a pre-configured status, like In A Call. In this state the user won't receive any other disturbing calls on teams and can continue to talk on Amazon Connect without any interruption.

After the call our service flips the Teams user status back to as it was previously so the agent don't have to do any manual adjustments.

When the user receives a call on Teams our service detects that and switches the Amazon Connect agent to a pre-defined state. When the call ends it automatically switches it back to the previous state for convenience.


Two-Way Status Sync

for Amazon Connect and Microsoft Teams

In a busy office environment agents and users can communicate with each other using Microsoft Teams and they may receive calls in Teams as well. When these agents are also taking calls from Amazon Connect our synchronization solution makes possible to have these agent work without disruption and more efficiently

Voxologic’s Amazon Connect and Microsoft Teams status synchronization service provides a seamless way to integrate the two services together and sync both statuses in a bi-directional way.

Key Benefits

Agents now won't be interrupted during their calls as their statuses will be synced between the services.
If an agent is in a call in Teams, their Amazon Connect status will be set to an unavailable status so any important call from the Connect side can be handled with other available agents immediately.
Agents now can talk and service customers via Amazon Connect without any interruption, hence making their conversations smoother and they don't have to deal with Teams interrupting their important calls.
The solution does not require complex configuration on the system.

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