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Case Study – Trip A Deal

The Dashboard

Voxologic’s Amazon Connect dashboard technology helped Trip A Deal to enhance their Amazon Connect contact centre - we explore how in this insightful case study.

Customer reached out as they were in a need to have an advanced view for their overall Amazon Connect contact centre regarding their key KPIs agent statistics. The customized reports what they used on their previous solution was missing and wanted to have an improved reporting solution for Amazon Connect.
Trip A Deal (TAD) face the same challenges as every contact centre; they need to manage their call queues and monitor the agent’s performance in the most effective way so that their customer’s can get the best possible support and their sales department can operate very efficiently. So with enhancing service levels at the forefront of their minds, TAD migrated to Amazon Connect, and they were in a need to see a consolidated view of their telephony data and agent metrics on their wallboards and in the browser for supervisors at home.
Voxologic proposed it will build and implement a custom dashboard configuration for the customer's needs. For this we utilized Amazon Kinesis and ElasticSearch services. Amazon Connect was configured to send the Agent Events, the Contact Trace Records and Live Media Streaming to Kinesis. We built several ElasticSearch Lucene queries that we could use to gather the relevant data to build the visualization. To be able to track live agent statuses we have also proposed an ElasticSearch Agent Monitoring service which can track agent's live statuses and act as a data source for the visualization layer. In addition to be able to support the advanced statistics that the customer required we utilized Amazon Connect API to retrieve live and historical metrics for their queues.
With this solution the customer can now see and evaluate the live and historical metrics on an hourly and daily basis. This improves the evaluation process of agents and expands the opportunities for better scheduling.
As the agent evaluation and work scheduling is now significantly improved, agent's performance during their monthly review can now correctly done, hence the bonuses are properly distributed. As the agent's workload can now properly scheduled it is now possible to always see the required agents needed. This resulted a better customer support and experience for the clients.
Amazon Connect out of the box reports can be easily transformed to custom dashboard and reports thanks for he set of services built around Connect in the AWS universe.
Voxologic is a well-established, innovative Systems Integrator and Software Developer, specialising in delivering Amazon Connect contact center solutions, CTI and CRM integrations. We provide tailored solutions based on AWS’s portfolio of cloud and software technology.