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Case Study – Quinte West

Contact Centre Routing

Voxologic’s experience helped Quinte West to implement a routing application - we explore how in this insightful case study.

A conversational IVR was built with Lex to give the public better access in reaching agents through a complex phone system. A government organisation responsible for town planning and development within a region, who manages parks, community centres and other facilities had an outdated IVR system which needed to be revamped.
Behind the scenes in the offices, with phone calls routed to another department gave callers endless frustration on transferring the line to the department requested. At times the calls had to be transferred more than twice. Call wait times were at least 10-15 minutes more than expected. This government organisation was seeking an IVR voice recognition system to replace their current on-premise telephony.
We had discussed replacing their current IVR system was not going to be easy. Amazon Connect was the front runner and after a few meetings, we had presented designs of the new phone system. This included a sample diagram for when a customer calls to their contact center. Amazon Connect accepts the call and by using Lex the Conversational AI understands the callers purpose, then then call is dispatched to the appropriate person or call queue. This is where we released an intelligent robot dispatcher flow. DTMF technology had facilitated the calls on this new IVR system. The Amazon Lex integration gave high quality recognition for callers to the required agent or team.
During the training sessions we also demonstrated that the real-time metrics, historical metrics can be generated by going into the metrics and quality menu through selecting historical metrics. There is a larger time interval and can go back to the previous month and even use a custom range to select a number of months and metrics picked.
Anyone calling up this government organisation were local residents and for this reason the solution did not require DIDs from different regions outside of the area. Incompatibility question was reviewed but client only used Chrome or most of the time Firefox web browsers.
Amazon Connect flexibility it offers in call flows and configuring the attributes bring an enhanced customer experience. We applied the agile methodology when possible. We were able to do a solution discovery meeting with the customer to gather the end user’s perspective. We captured the essence of the story with all the details required, and what we have done is split this into small stories.
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