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Case Study – Parsley Box

Contact Centre Migration

Voxologic’s experience helped Parsley Box to migrate their legacy contact centre - we explore how in this insightful case study.

A meal kit delivery company managed the demand to transform their whole contact center. This gave many opportunities to go above and beyond in their processes with Amazon Connect.
A company that had to meet high demands during very challenging times by delivering ready-made meals to vulnerable people that are elderly. Timing was a major setback, and there was no one size fits all approach that was the solution. We had to diligently go through their needs on continuous meetings, that involved several stakeholders across the business as well as those who do day-to-day running of the contact centers operations.
Since the first few meetings we identified the path to their contact center’s digital transformation. We knew all the processes needed to be replicated but with the dynamic and personalisation to customer experience which Amazon Connect has to offer.
We had integrated the delivery-kit company’s custom backend to function with HubSpot CRM. This was needed to capture information about the customers, and the main contac’s telephone number along with the agent handling that request. The agents were able to track the call history for any customer. Amazon Connect was able to extract the data requested by our customer. We were able to integrate call recordings through HubSpot that came in from Amazon Connect. On top of this was a custom CCP that would have a screen popup and from the data in HubSpot it would show these details to the agent taking the call. Information is already gathered in the contact flow before the call gets routed to an agent.
We migrated from a legacy IVR to a new approach that would validate customers, for example by recognising their account number or the number they are calling. We had configured more in the Amazon Connect instance and this meant going through creating the IVR flows from scratch.
We applied the agile methodology when possible. We were able to do a solution discovery meeting with the customer to gather the end user’s perspective. We captured the essence of the story with all the details required, and what we have done is split this into small stories. With using an agile methodology we can help the customer to rank and schedule the story according to tasks on the project timeline.
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