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Case Study – Kros Holdings

Enhancing a Contact Centre

Voxologic’s experience helped Kros Holdings to enhance their whole contact center solution - we explore how in this insightful case study.

Contact centre enhancement and custom service development to support the customer's new business model. Main drivers were to improve customer experience and reduce cost by revamp their support workflow.
Customer had a fairly basic solution to service their needs, but as their business grew they were in a need of an upgrade to their current contact centre in terms of integration to their CRM system.
Voxologic proposed a full upgrade and enhancement solution where we created a whole design for the customer to utilize Amazon Connect's Salesforce and later Zoho CRM integration. Inbound and outbound contact flows were created for Customer Support Operations. Also their agent groups were restructured and multiple queues were created for the different line of businesses. In the architecture we highly utilized ElasticSearch as the customer was in the need to fully monitor the agent's performance in this new business model, hence a customized agent performance dashboard was also built. The outbound calling utilized Salesforce APIs to be able to dynamically configure outbound CLIs based on the customer and the line of business.
Our team successfully upgraded the solution and their workflows. Their clients felt the difference in customer experience based on client feedback during the first week of using the solution as the performance of the whole system was way better than before. This also made the possibility to handle more customer calls, hence making the agent performance and customer support better.
Previously they used isolated solutions to manage the customer journey in the CRM system and manually administered the details of the calls. Combining a number of systems into one central solution increased the overall income due to the improved efficiency of the Amazon Connect workflow. After the migration the customer service started to thrive and the sale rate expanded because the agents were able to properly do their jobs, hence making the revenue much more profitable. As Amazon Connect is a pay as you go service it best suited for this particular customer support where at other service provider the cost of agent seats are not appropriate for the business needs.
Amazon Connect provides a flexible and close to out of the box way to integrate with major CRM providers and automate common agent tasks with a help of contact attributes and lambda functions. This made it clear that Amazon Connect can support growing businesses and can be easily enhanced for new business models.
Voxologic is a well-established, innovative Systems Integrator and Software Developer, specialising in delivering Amazon Connect contact center solutions, CTI and CRM integrations. We provide tailored solutions based on AWS’s portfolio of cloud and software technology.