Today a massive percentage of customer support inquiries are handled the way they have been for years: Over the phone. As a director or contact center manager in this area, there are several parts that you can improve by on-boarding value-added services. In a contact center environment, there are numerous solutions that can drastically help you improve your operations, maximize revenue as well as income and improve the customer experience.

A value-added service is a term used in telecommunications to describe non-core features. As telecommunications services incorporate many of these functions now as standard, the term “value-added service” evolves to take on a new meaning.

In the below list we will present the top providers from different categories in terms of contact center value-added services. You can trust them they will provide your contact center environment some great benefits. These companies are the best in their field like fraud or emotion detection, behavior-based pairing, contact center monitoring, secure payment, gamification or NLU solutions.


Fraud Detection

The word Fraud is well known in the contact center and telecommunication industry. The call-in center fraud is surging and credit card technologies have shifted criminals toward call-in centers. This means call centers remain a point of vulnerability. Fraudster callers often trick their way past security and gain access to the customer’s account, they can take out loans or transfer money.

To mitigate and completely stop these activities, the Pindrop service that can score the calls for risk to detect fraud is advised to implement. The value that this solution provides is measurable. There is machine learning behind the scenes which analyses all calls and uses feedback from the investigation to maximize solution performance. For every inbound call, phoneprints and voiceprints are compared to known fraudsters, along with behaviour anomalies that indicate any fraud.

The basic promise of Pindrop, says CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan, is that proving you are who you say you are on the phone should not require “answering a bunch of stupid questions.” By tracking the sound of your voice, what you are trying to do and even the device you are using, Pindrop can make a good guess that you are who you say you are.

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Emotion Detection

We use a lot of non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions, gestures, body language and tone of voice to communicate our emotions. As known, human voice is a biometric feature like fingerprint and carries the emotional state of the speaker. Therefore, speech data acquired from live or recorded talks has more realistic emotional features than textual data.

There is a high demand on the market currently to implement a service that capable of detecting the true emotional state of a caller.

This type of value-added contact center solution automatically processes customer interactions and detects differing emotional responses, speech patterns, hold music and void periods. This data can then help process enhancements increase productivity, customer satisfaction and retention. It can also be combined with Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data to support more sophisticated customer retention strategies.

Our recommendation is Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics service which uses unique, content-independent algorithms to detect displeased, uncertain, disappointed and happy emotions which play a key role in customer experience. It can improve contact centre performance by reducing average handle time and call volumes using statistical information on different levels (single call, operator and call centre). List operators based on performance and measure them against key performance metrics for objective and transparent evaluation or assessment of training needs.

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Behavior based pairing

An interesting topic that is getting more attention is how to match your customer to the best possible agent in the whole contact center to talk to? The obvious answer is to use skill groups and a CRM system. This combination would solve the problem. However, there is a possibility to further improve this basic routing. There is a value-added service which can boast that it raises sales by an average of 4 to 6 percent and it is called Afiniti.

Their service can identify subtle and valuable patterns of human interaction in order to pair individuals on the basis of behavior, leading to more successful interactions and measurable increases in enterprise profitability.

This technology examines data and commercially available information tied to customer identity to determine patterns of successful behavioral interactions and applies these patterns in real time to drive improvements in health, enterprise profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Contact Center and Toll free number monitoring

Monitoring your phone numbers and your contact center from the outside world is an essential part of the operational side of every contact center department. Implementing an internal system or network monitoring solution that has a lack of confidence means that your team will not be able to see whether their contact center is available to the callers. Not to mention they cannot evaluate how the audio quality performs from the caller’s point of view. Without a solution for this problem the discovery of an audio quality or an unavailable line would be impossible or would take a huge amount of time.

One significant improvement when implementing a service is that you are able to test and monitor hundreds or thousands of your phone numbers in any country. You don’t need to be physically in country as Voxologic’s solution and infrastructure are physically located in-country and able to monitor the real customer experience from the caller’s perspective by simulating real calls while measuring the availability and audio quality of your lines and contact centers.

In addition to this it has a world class global IVR and call routing testing solution with drag and drop test editors and executive dashboards.

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Secure Payment Solution

When we are talking about online payments through a contact center like IVR payments or payments through agents, we need to talk about one serious topic and that is security. How we can make a payment secure today, especially considering the GDRP for European customers?

With the ever-growing demand for omnichannel payments, customers increasingly expect businesses to provide multiple payment and engagement options. An IVR Payments solution empowers your customers to make payments 24/7 without speaking with an agent or accessing your website.

When you are a PCI-compliant contact center service provider, you have to invest time and considerable effort into maintaining your level of compliance. You need to find a secure contact center technology that could help make this ongoing compliance requirement easier, more cost-effective and more robust.

What are the benefits of using a secure payment provider? It will potentially give the customer a peace of mind. It can reduce the average handling time while it is causing less pressure on agents.

Using a solution from PCI Pal makes the contact center payments secure and reliable.

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Gamification in the Contact Center

When customers have problems that require them to contact customer service or support, they expect to experience that company at its best. That is not always easy, given that at most companies, front-line employees are often disengaged from their jobs.

Call center gamification is the implementation of game mechanics in the call center as a way to motivate employee engagement and achievement. When used correctly, gamification can engage and motivate agents, in turn lowering employee churn (and the related costs), reducing hold times and boosting customer-satisfaction scores.

Noble Systems recently acquired FidoTrack which is a single platform to manage all sales and debt collection operations and practices for performance, quality, recognition, rewards and communication. Users have the autonomous ability to leverage powerful mechanics that tap the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators across their generational spectrum of employees. Motivate the behaviors that lead to higher collection rates, sales and CSAT scores.

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Noble Systems

NLU, Natural Language Understanding

Have you ever wondered what customers actually mean when they are talking to you? Understanding a customer properly is the key point in a conversation. NLU serves as a foundation for self-service solutions that deliver amazing flexibility, efficiency and unbeatable customer satisfaction.

To be able to understand your customer, you need to interpret the speech and gather meaningful information from each conversation. Using an NLU solution, your contact center will be able to intelligently interpret the human language input data and predict customer needs. You will have the ability to automatically answer any question and provide a useful answer with a natural-sounding conversation between bots and people.

A core technology behind Nuance’s conversational IVR and virtual assistant solutions, NLU enables smarter and more efficient applications that can quickly route callers and enhance the customer experience throughout the entire self-service engagement. Natural language understanding empowers users to interact with systems and devices in their own words without being constrained by a fixed set of responses.

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